Control Your Emotions

I wrote an article on perception and how to change perception. I suggest you read that article first before you continue reading here. You will find the article on perception in this blog.

Our emotions are the seeds of who we are and who we become. It therefor follows that it is crucial to control our emotions at all times!

In order to understand emotions we need to ask the right questions. I find that people generally when asked what emotions they experience answer, sad, mad or happy.

Let us investigate and consider a few emotions first, there is happy, love, peace, satisfied, content, loving, sympathy, empathy, in awe, grateful, in love, harmony, joy, thankful, fascination, amazement, lust, desire, envy, jealousy, frustration, anger, hate, resentment, despair, loneliness, fear, anticipation, doubt, tired lost to name but a few.

Yes the list goes on and on…and when you inspect it carefully you will realise how very important it is to control some of those emotions because as you have read in the article on perception, emotions create your perception. THEREFOR DO NOT PERMIT UNCONSCIOUS HABITS TO FORM.

In simpler terms feelings are emotions manifested. The wonderful news is, you and only you can create your life, so do it consciously, participate in it, it is a black pallet for you to draw on at your own desire (follow this blog to read about the importance of desire).

How to do this carefully?  Step one: Firstly know what you want be very specific, then step two: ask for what you want, step three: get up to speed with the answer (remember there is no gap between ask and answer. This means you must feel what you want entirely, you have to immediately experience it) step four: focus on it do not wait for the evidence, step five: sustain the feeling and thus you attract what you want. Remember the law of attraction begins with vibration feeling is the vibration the love the seed.

The best way to predict your future is to create it. Your mind does not know the difference between the “feeling” and the reality. So, cause the change inside of you, do not wait or depend on outside events.

Feel wealthy, healthy, abundance, love and whatever you desire, truly believe the feeling and you will soon play the leading role in your own reality.

Remember to ask for help when you struggle, one cannot always trust oneself when you are in the undesired space. Having a mentor can help you accelerate your healing process to become the ultimate you.

Marie de Meyer



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