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Find your inspiration & purpose through a process of transformation and reinvention.

Life Transformation Strategist & Keynote Speaker

The Moth Effect was created to help you find your inspiration and purpose through a process of transformation and reinvention.

Don’t get stuck in the ordinary and mundane responsibilities of life. It is my mission to help you rediscover your true potential and purpose.

Massive personal growth is possible through the continuous cycle of clearly defining your goals, action, and readjustments.

To live a bold and adventurous life, you need to step outside your comfort zone, and I am here to hold your hand throughout the experience.

The Process

The life stages of a moth illustrate the process we go through when transforming our lives.



You rediscover yourself and your purpose to design the life you want. It is the DNA of your transformation that forms the basis of your entire strategy.



I help you design the action plan you need to transform and reinvent yourself. You create room for the elevated version of yourself by shedding your old limiting habits and beliefs.



This is the most intense part of the process where I help you establish new disciplines through consistency. To successfully metamorphose requires energy and hard work. As your accountability partners, our sole purpose is to mentor and support you to achieve success.



You experience the benefits and results of your hard work. By successfully creating change in yourself, a world of possibilities opens for you to rediscover.

“When a man cannot find meaning, he numbs himself with pleasure.”

Viktor Frankl

Our Blog

Control Your Emotions
Control Your Emotions

I wrote an article on perception and how to change perception. I suggest you read that article first before you continue reading here. You will find the article on perception in this blog. Our emotions are the seeds of who we are and who we become. It therefor follows...

The benefits of walking backwards
The benefits of walking backwards

“Self-improvement is a work constantly in progress, impossible to complete and easy to slip away from” James O’Brien. About two months ago while scrolling through You tube, I stumbled upon a video explaining the benefits of movement which included walking backwards. I...

Mediation Misunderstood
Mediation Misunderstood

People evolve and one can describe the litigation evolution as “coming full circle”.

Most things already exist and are not thought out but merely rediscovered. Mediation as the oldest form of dispute resolution is one.

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