The benefits of walking backwards

“Self-improvement is a work constantly in progress, impossible to complete and easy to slip away from”

James O’Brien.

About two months ago while scrolling through You tube, I stumbled upon a video explaining the benefits of movement which included walking backwards. I find alternative ways to health and fitness extremely fascinating and needless to say this video tweaked my interest.

Because I follow Dr Berg (I find his videos informative, to the point and easy to follow) I had a look whether he has something to say on the subject. Indeed he had and he confirmed most of what I learnt in the mentioned video.

Before suggesting it to you and holding it out as the truth, I decided to test the theories myself first and here is what I found and can positively confirm.

The benefits of walking backwards:

  • It helps with knee and back pain;
  • It improves your posture;
  • It improves your co-ordination;
  • Strengthens your core;
  • Strengthens gluts, hamstrings and core muscles;
  • It sharpens your senses;
  • Relieves stress and tension; and !
  • Speeds up your metabolism.

Trust me it really works, I have incorporated it into my daily exercise routine which it not only added to but improved my life in general.

As an example of how it improved my life I would like to share the following, two years ago I crushed my calcaneus bone in my heel it was a very slow and painful process of recuperation but walking backwards helped in speeding up the healing process to such an extent that I am close to walking as before!

I highly recommend it, but please take care at first, like everything else start slowly do it on a familiar flat path or surface and be aware not to fall.

Please let us know of your successes and any tips you might have to share are most welcome.

Marie de Meyer



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