Do you listen to motivational speakers and sometimes feel so lost and overwhelmed?

Do you wonder where to start, how to persist and then eventually just simply give up?

Do not feel alone it can all be very daunting and might seem impossible to conquer. I hope to, in this article, break the basics down in simple practical terms in order for you to follow them easily.

Motivational speakers often suggest that, for you to transform your life and grow to be your best self and achieve all your goals, you need to change your perception.

But, do you know what perception is? Do you know what YOUR perception is? And do you know what created your perception? If you do not know the answers to these questions how are you to change that which you do not know or understand the underlying principles of?

Perception springs form emotions and emotions are immediate uncontrolled reactions to what we see and experience or hear and the results are stored in our subconscious minds. It happens without us even knowing. This is the first hurdle to jump. Control your emotions! How? Easy, put your conscious mind in control. Let it be the gate keeper to your subconscious mind.

The best way to put your conscious mind in control is to practise good habits consistently without failure. This is of the utmost importance and you might as well stop hoping for a better life and a better you if you do not set this rule in motion immediately.

What are good habits? Well, this differs from person to person but the most basic are;

Routine, sleep well, meditate, keep a journal, exercise, eat healthy and practice a good work ethic.

Secondly, know your own mind. Ever heard of “mind over matter”? Or it is “all in the mind”? Be very clear about what you want and never deviate from that. You have to have the desire, desire fuels thought and action ignites thinking.

“Be” before you “do”, do only to the extent of what you “are” and you are what you think. In simpler terms, think – be – do.

You can simply tell yourself to be whatever you want to be, but you need to focus, be consistent and believe.

Keep focused by meditating, there is no right or wrong way, just be quiet and allow the answers to find you, keep clarity of mind and “mind” you own business. Control your subconscious emotions, practise to keep your dreams and aspirations consistent and your “perception” will change.

From this premise you can now build yourself and your future and your dreams wil manifest just as “unconsciously” as your previous ill-founded perception.



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